HikaruKagaya as Princess Midna

Princess Midna

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Human Midna

Cosplayer: HikaruKagaya
The second we "met" Midna in the game in imp form, I was hooked. She has to be the most awesome character EVER. And she's the first fully vocalized character in a Zelda game, ever...even if he language IS just jibberish lol.

Ok, so I'm about 90% done, but I decided to take pictures from the shoulders up because the pieces I am missing from the body...well...I can't really put it all on at once yet lol But yeah, head shots! lol And the facepaint is MUCH darker in person, the flash makes it look white though...

***UPDATE*** Ok, I've totally be neglecting this site and being too busy to take pictures! hehe I TOTALLY revamped this costume (because painting my entire body was PAINFUL ^^;;), seeing as I didn't have much detail to work on at the time, and now I do (yay for screencaps!!!!!!). SO I am currently working on my mostly remade costume! I'm going to post some pictures of the progress I've made on the new costume. I have a few pictures of the body and above the shoulders...so hopefully I'll have the NEW costume 100% within a couple weeks!! ^_^