Piret Kenshin


@Saturn Neko


I made this coustume for the small piret masqurade at the Rum party at Ani-magic 07


@Saturn Neko
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Series Original
Character Piret Kenshin


Blood_Sword Lol, great creativity, me like! C:

Thearah O_O That is AWESOME! I love him to begin with, and I love pirates too. It's a win-win for me. xD <3 <3 <3

Ramen Pirate Very different! Pirates FTW! :D

OniCourseMusha Very interesting cosplay. Nice to see an alternate version of Kenshin.

Purified Ace ...Wow... I really like that idea. >.< As Captain, I approve of this cosplay. XD

buta-chan Pirate Kenshin? That's so creative and fun!