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I need to finish the gloves, and possibly redo the Hakama in a lighter gray. I used the white since it was originally intended for the red kimono version.

I plan on updating this until I get this outfit down completely.

Hakama : I used this tutorial, and then modeled the pleats, and some of the construction after my Kendo hakama. Unfortunately after I finished it I realized I did not make the squares wide enough so the pleats aren't as deep as I would of preferred them to be. Although I am still happy with the result. It is made out of some sort of sports fabric, and the straps are made out of duck cloth since they were out.

I used a combination of tutorials including CosMode's, and another website. Garen who is also on this website gave me some advice and measurements. If it were not for him this would not of came out so well. I tried using a specialty fabric, but I did not like how it looked at all. Then I moved onto using two navy blue twin sheet for $8, and it actually ended up looking a lot better.

Unfortunately the juban is inaccurate as I originally I used a commercial pattern to make it prior before finding out. Since it is worn underneath I decided to save time, and not worry about it until after the convention.

Tabi Socks
I found a nice tutorial on youtube which teaches you how to modify normal socks. This was very helpful being I wear a size 12. While the real deal is still better the modification method still works well.

I found a pair online at some martial arts place, and they were the only ones I could find my size, but unfortunately they lacked the white strap. painting them didn't work either. Another thing I will have to fix one day.

The wig was commissioned by Ms Juri. It easily was the highlight of the costume.

Unfortunately I did not make this, and used my spare from Kendo. I will be working on trying to make my own one day, and hopefully I will also create a twin blade when I get more experienced.


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Naruyuki you wouldn't happen to be the Kenshin from Anime South V would you?? O-O