Zhenya as Lala Satalin Deviluke

Lala Satalin Deviluke

To Love-Ru


Cosplayer: Zhenya
【"With this, the marriage contract is complete! Let's get married, Rito!"】

I did it just becaue of this long, pink wig. ^^'
I bought the wig for my Feldt Grace (from Gundam 00) cosplay and I have to cut it for this.
So I wanted to show the hole wig with a cosplay, before I am going to cut it.

And Lala was a good character for it, her hair fits my wig. I made the Peke hairclip and a 'heart-end' for my demons' tail (which I have from my Kurumu cosplay). And Lala was finished.

The pink wig turned out so pretty on the photos. And making Lala was a nice idea, I think. ^^ And... she is my third To Love-Ru character.