Pokemon (Gijinka)



Ya!! My third costume! &gt;.< Well me and my friends wanted to Pokemon for Halloween so I decide to pick Kirlia. I soon found out the was a cosplay picnic, perfect time to wear these costumes! We had fun at the picnic and meet lots of people. The only annoying part were my horns, they kept flopping and falling off. It was sad that only one person knew what I was T^T(Either it was I dunno or I was a Vocaloid lol). I think I won't wear this costume anymore due to the fact that it looks nothing like the Pokemon. It was fun though, maybe I can make my own fanmade Vocaloid out of this lol ;)


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Series Pokemon (Gijinka)
Character Kirlia


KyasarinUriruzu Very cute! I'm a sucker for leg warmers. XD

Sikorsky Love this costume! Way to go ^^