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Our entire Masquerade group for Otakon 2010 which was just this past weekend! We didn't win (oh well 5 for 6, can't win 'em all! But congrats to those who did!!! =D), but our parody of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" was a hit and we were stopped for so many pictures! We all had a blast!

We decided to go nostalgic on this one, choosing all old school characters (since we knew none of the boys would want to be involved in a Sailor Moon cosplay). I was Sailor Neptune, my partner Sheena was Chibi Moon, and my bf Keith was Ivan Ooze. The 3 of us together were responsible for creating all 7 costumes. The breakdown is as such!

Me- Soldiers: Bodysuits w/sleeves, most accessories, Kaleidoscopes, gloves, and overall assembly.
Ooze: double layer robes
Harlock: jacket, cloak, and sheath

Sheena- Soldiers: Skirts, collars, bows, boot trim, Saturn boots, and Chibi Moon wig.
Harlock: Pants

Keith- Soldiers: Staff, glaive, mirror, and some accessories.
Harlock: gun, belt buckles, and boot cuffs.
Ooze: collar, belt, bracers, and all make-up/prosthetics.


*Captain Harlock*

Jacket: Military jacket pattern followed almost completely. I stoped the length at the waist, extended the front flap, and used velcro instead of buttons to close it (didn't want anything that would be visible). I tediously sewed the black stripes on the yellow trim using several passes of very small zig-zag stitches. The skull and crossbones patch I made myself. I cut the shapes from white canvas and the same lightweight black cotton used for the jacket. I overcast the edges with a small zig-zag stitch, then repeated for assembly. I stitched in the teeth detail on the skull.

Cloak: Oh god I whipped this up in one night and it probably should have been a 2-3 night project. Had this been assigned to me in the first place I would have taken a different approach. It was originally my partner's and when she fell behind I finished up my stuff as soon as I could and picked up the supplies for the cloak only a few days before the con. I would have preferred to use gold rope as the trim, the kind that's attached to a ribbon of cotton so that you can sandwich it between layers. My partner preferred to attach ribbon to the outer edges and so that's what I was stuck with since I didn't have the time or money to go out and buy new trim. So, I began by cutting out a flared shape, 30 inches on top and 60 at the bottom, in both black and red fabric, sewed together, and flipped inside out. The second layer was four pie slice shapes and the collar was kinda winged from there. The collar was backed with SUPER HEAVY INTERFACING so it would stand up with ease. After all the pieces were assembled together I folded the gold ribbon trim around the edges and tacked down with a large zig-zag stitch. I added a snap closure and a large gold button for show and voila! Cloak! =D

I made the sheath too, but there's nothing to tell. Two different colors of brown vinyl, glued in a cone shape, blah blah blah. It was a quickie job with what I had on hand.


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