Kiichigo as Sheryl Nome (red dress)

Sheryl Nome (red dress)

Macross Frontier

Red dress

Cosplayer: Kiichigo
Pretty easy and straightforward, I only messed up a little bit XD Unfortunately my necklace decided to die doing the shoot, so I need to fix or replace that.

Also the top should be a little tighter for when I decide to wear it again, it's a bit loose now so it's kinda restricting my movement.

For the shoot most of the picture are from I was pulling the dress 'down' most of the time to cover my legs, so it doesn't bag the exact right way XD
Will do when I wear it at a con (because hopefully there people won't be calling me a slut or yell at me)

SVS: Wore this costume, with a functioning necklace and dress worn the proper way. Definitely a comfortable costume :)

Prize: Around 25-30 dollars (wig is cheap on ebay)