MisaZophia as Klan Klan

Klan Klan

Macross Frontier

Red Dress

Cosplayer: MisaZophia
This was such a fun costume to wear.
I wore it on the Saturday of Brisnova 2010
and boy that was such a hot day.

This Dress appears in episode 20
one of the saddest episodes in Macross Frontier.

Dress making methods:

It was a very simple costume to make
I used and modified a popular pattern
to match the design of Klan's dress
I used a simple cotton in a sort of dull red that comes out much brighter in come photos

The socks are over the knee and pink made 2 days before and detail handsewed the night before. As it was impossible to get this colour in socks or order them off the net in time I got a pair of children's footed leggings, cut them up, sewed them and added elastic.
the detail was left out white cotton from the white bit of the dress. and white ribbon.
as I had to sew it while the socks were on my leg it was a rather difficult task. DO not ask how long or how I did it...

The headband is basically pink material cut and sewn so the ends were at a tip and had the 'F' shaped objects handsewn on.

The shoes are bought
and the wig was styled and borrow from Mileyx