Heero Yuy

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing



This was tossed together last minute, the Sunday before con. A friend informed me of a certain costume she'd be bringing to the con... and we decided that we should have a photoshoot as an inside joke based on an LJRP we're in.

Lulz ensue.

The wig started out as a Punky XL and was the only dark brown wig I had that would be suitable, so I spent an entire afternoon/night cannibalizing it to turn it into a Heero wig. The volume in the back is a real pain in the ass, but I have to say, it's not so bad for such a bizarre base wig to start with. At least it has enough volume in the crown....

The tanktop I ran out and grabbed from Old Navy, started out white and then used RIT dye to dye it green since they had no suitable green ones stocked 8( lol my hometown is pathetic.

Bikeshorts I just had laying around. No time to do proper shoes or bootcovers, so random sneakers-get.



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Series Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Character Heero Yuy


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