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So, I was invited by some friends to go with them to Anime Weekend Atlanta. I hadn't been since 2001, and it was my first anime con back in 1999 after all... so of course I jumped at the chance of an all-expense paid trip to one of my favorite shows! The problem was, I didn't have much to wear. Even though Zero Suit Samus and Belldandy had received little wear at previous cons, I wanted something shiny and new. The deal with the fiance was I couldn't spend any money on new costumes... so what could I make with material I had on hand?

I've been itching to do Velvet since I played Odin Sphere back in June. I loved her design and story, and upon seeing her stockings and shouting, "I have those!" I was set to costume her at some point. Sometime back in June I went out and started searching for material for her and found the gold, box pleated trim I used on the under shirt. It kinda stopped there because after that point I was inundated with work, hurricanes, and shows.

So with just a few days before AWA, I busted my butt to get her done. All the materials were fabric I had on hand (the red velvet I've been keeping with me since 2003!) and to save time, I cut apart my would-be Batgirl catsuit (I made earlier this year and had no intentions of ever finishing) to use for the shirt. In the future, I would like to go back and use a different material for the top. The only other stretch material I had was vinyl and more velvet, and I thought that stretch black velvet for the top would be overkill. I think a simple, matte spandex would work perfectly.

All the patterns are hand drafted and draped. The Elizabethan-style puff sleeves were just gathered sleeves with strips of velvet sewn on top, then attached to the shirt.

The hood took a couple tries to get right, but again, I had over 5 yards of material to play with, so I wasn't worried. It is also lined in red polyester lining material. The skirt was draped on a mannequin and cut to that shape and attached to black dupioni silk sash that I created with a series of gathers and pleats (it attaches at the side with 3 large hook and eyes).

The veil was designed after a Yarmulke pattern that a wonderful Velvet cosplayer by the handle of Fire Lily, brought to my attention and gave me some tips on how to make it. I chose to use a black lace on top of black casa crepe for an added effect and trimmed it all with black cotton lace from my "lolita" bin (which I never, ever seem to use to make EGL clothes).

The only thing I ended up buying were the gold, embroidered stars I used for my veil and hood, and my wonderful friend Mia purchased the hair extensions and gold beads (which I hand sewed Friday night before the convention) for me (I also made her an Alice dress in an afternoon that I cannot wait to get pictures of to show off how freakin adorable she is!).

I love my Velvet costume so much! I like to spend time on my costumes, but lately everything I do seems to be made last minute. I am just pleased that this came out as well as it did.


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Geni Wow.. you look really great in this =3 Very lovely!!!! and sexy ;D