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The armor is made with craft foam and the helmet is paperclay. All other parts are made with lycra, and pvc. Patterns are hand-made; even the belts are hand made. Definitely not a clean costume but a costume is always an ongoing project that is constantly tweaked.

1/10 UPDATE: Costume is officially retired! The more I look at it, the more flaws I see and the only way to make it better is to completely start over. This is a perfect example on what not to start with when making your first costume :P Its had a fantastic run and so I'd like to improve on it before I ever wear it again.

I've had a lot of questions about the pistol. Its a Banzai water gun that comes in a set of two. It costs about 5 bucks and I know there are a ton of them being clearanced out at Wal-mart since winter is coming. I painted some of it black so the yellow wasn't too overwhelming.

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Please email me at hmwsgx at gmail dot com, or find me on the Mass Effect Bioware forums, my username is HMWSG X. I don't bite, I promise! I always make an attempt to reply to everyone.

PLEASE NOTE: I've cleaned up my costume page and left all of my WIP in a gallery. To see any of my progress pictures please locate "Tali costume in the works" in my gallery list or you can find it here http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/129737/


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Series Mass Effect
Character Tali'Zorah
Variant Colossus X armor


Kawaii Pocky Yay Tali! Would like to be Tali/Quarian some day too. Good thing I have a bf that's good at building things for cosplay.

Shizuka Nemuri That is one EPIC cosplay! <3 How did you make the mouthpiece light up? It looks really fancy. o w o

MissAnonymous beautiful!

Thekingofspace I'm digging it! I've been wanting to do a Quarian for quite some time and I'm happy to see someone that was able to pull one off nicely :D

CRIMEWAVE OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU. I so want to try ME2's version!

NakooTheTauren Oh I love Tali! great work!

Verbose123 This is absolutely amazing, as a fellow Mass Effect fan, I would like to thank you for brining in one of my favorite characters into life. :D

Daritha Yah, Tali! You have there a gorgeous piece of work! Your other ME costumes are as well astonishing as this one. Keep going this. ME needs mor costumers. :)

TurianArchAngel Once again the Tali costume is the best! Tali is best in the game for sure! Can't wait to see you in person one day so i can congradulate you myself!

Angeal Very awesome costume. you look awesome this is awesome work :)

Mr. Marvel I love Tali. Your The Bomb for making her.

CzarN Oh no, its being retired? D: I guess since her look has changed with the new game it would make sense to redo the costume. ME2 has forced me to remake the designs for Garrus since his armor got a pretty big overhaul.

Hopie This costume is just too much. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is... but I'm sure you already know that. =] Seriously, major kudos!

Daritha I love your costume! Tali's amazing. A well-done work. Very impressive. :)

EctoSpinner So I just got around to getting Mass Effect and playing it through, and you've done a friggin amazing job on your Mass Effect costumes. Great job!

Kalylia Very impressive Tali costume!!!

CzarN Sweet, EXCELLENT job! I love the "Blast em!" pose ^.^

Amaterasu01 Wow amazing costume!!!!!!!!!! I want it!!! Tali is cool! =D

Shyala awesome!

Trooper715 ty for the comment. Awesome Tali! =)