Bee Mario

Super Mario Bros.



I am one of the biggest Mario fans of all time so naturaly I would make my own Mario costume. I've done several regular overalled versions but this time I wanted to do something new and unique. After Super Mario Galaxy came out I fell in love with the Bee Mario suit. It was extremly cute and a lot of fun to play with, my mind was made up!

First I started with the hat, it's a simple knitted brown hat with thick pipe cleaner for the antena. Pipe cleaner is a good idea because it gives the antena a fuzzy bee feel to it.

Next the suit, which was in two pieces. The bottom part was just the pants, a simple yellow pants pattern. The stitches on the sides of the pants were hand drawn on to make it look like thick brown stich. The top part was the overalls. Made with a bee costume pattern the top part consists of a very large tummy and even larger backside. The material was yellow cloth and a brown fuzzy material, also for that Bee feeling. The front and back of the overalls were stuffed with a cotten material and the stinger is wraped in black leather to make it shiney!

The hardest part I would have to say was making the wings because they were crafted individualy and it was hard to figure out how to put them onto the costume. They are just wire with hot glued lace material around its edges. It was attatched with velcro to the back crossing of the overalls.

All in all I think the costume turned out great! I can't wait for it's debut at Ohayocon in January!


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seb330 I can't find a good bee costume pattern. They're either for toddlers or ones that look skimpy :( Do you remember where you got yours from?