Dahlia Gillespie

Silent Hill



Stole this lace from the costume shop, I think it makes me look like Daisy May...

Okay enough of the silly Last Five Years lyrics. I made this costume because I put it up for a poll in the Silent Hill Thread on the forums. I wanted to do a character from the series and this is what everyone wanted to see. And who wouldn't? She kinda caused most of the events that Silent Hill has to offer.

I did, infact, steal the lace from my costume shop at my school. The wig I bought from a place in China over ebay and because of the international shipping it took 2 months to get to me and literally arrived a day before the con. Its a bit shorter then I intended it to be, but I think it looks pretty good.

The brown fabric I found for a steal at Wal-Mart in the discount bin. My goodness was it awesome quality. I piece together a shawl pattern and a long dress pattern and made the sleeves a black knit fabric. The gold lace is also from Wal-Mart and probably the most expensive part of the costume. I was given the tie by my ex-boyfriend because it matched so beautifully. The stripes go the wrong way, but the colors were perfect, so I didn't mind. The under skirt is a night cotton night gown I added dark blue ribbon too. The shawl buttons in the front, and the dress slips over my head.

I went through atleast 5 makeup tests before I liked the way the aged make-up looked on me. I tried to make my wrinkles are similiar to Dahlia's as possible, but some of them didn't fit my face structure, so I used my own wrinkles instead. All of them were lowlighted and highlighted using Ben-Nye. I added a bit of red under the eye as well. Because my face isn't the only thing that needed aging, I also added wrinkles to my hands, feet and neck to get the overall look.

I am very happy with the outcome.


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Character Dahlia Gillespie


Dalibar I love your Dahlia! Well done~

LotusJuice09 Awesome *-*

Mithrenniel This is one of the more enjoyable costumes out there.

Ammie Avi it was such a pleasure to meet you in person...I only wish I could have seen this incredible incarnation of Dahlia in person, you can rock any SH costume with ease!!! This cosplay is simply perfect!!!! The makep effect are incredible!!!!

ghost0441 Awesome, I'm glad to see this seldom cosplayed character. Good job.

devious-tofu Just so you know, I'm playing SH1 at the moment and every time Dahlia appears I think of ~Cheryl's birth~ and I cannot take her seriously. 8| Thanks. no j/k ilu & this costume is amaze I don't think many people could pull off Dahlia's STYLIN' outfit haha

Little-White-Birdcage Awesome Dahlia XD