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Well I know I've cosplayed Lenalee in the past but I've been thinking about doing it again. This outfit is gonna be hard because I can barely get much point on references for it. I see alot 'a cosplay references that might help but meh well I'll see what goes down. So I'm working on it now (: and luckly my hair will be perfect atleast I won't need a wig this time auhauahuaa.

[edits for the low down]

Ok so I finally got some pictures up on this thing. I'm actually surprised at how quick it took to make the jacket I must say. Funny thing it kinda looks like a military jacket. I didn't get things done by my first deadline which was the end of february due to the snow storm knocking out our power but I managed to have the jacket and the skirt both done.

The skirt I kept thinking how I was gonna make it. Thought about it maybe a little too much and ended up messing up. Although if theres anything about me is that I can take something "messed up" and work from that and make it into something epic. Its kinda how I usually work on stuff. The fabric on this one was limited though for it was the same fabric I used for my osiris red jacket(see jacket of Yuki Judai). I managed to use that fabric to death on the red parts in the jacket and for the actual skirt.

For the belt pieces I had no choice but to change it up and use a red silky fabric which was also "recycled" fabric from my shanti cosplay of last year. The silk added a nice touch and since its a small amount of which it blends very well. Hooking it was simple enough for theres nothing a little D hooks and chap snaps can do :'D

Side note on the jacket, I have hooks and eyes on the bottom where the seem comes over for the firsit button and at the top where the last button is then the jackets "buttons" are fully fuctional and the works. Didn't know what ta use for a chain but I found that old chain I was rocking last year wit my original piece. Had a little trouble finding a big enough obnoxious red button for the chain to hook to but I guess thats good enough for the time being. The golds came out pretty well though and so did that whole set up.

Oh yea the patch -_- well I tried to make it look half way decent since I couldn't order the good one. I have a d gray man pin that I got 3 years ago during my first outing to animeNEXT way back in 07. Almost like I knew I would cosplay lenalee again I managed to keep that thing around x) But then also it looks cool to accessorize wit some 'a my everyday outfits ;p

Oh yes I also forgot to mention that the zipper there is fully fuctional. I didn't have a black one at the time but hey white is just as good. It actually zips into another piece kinda like a pocket so that someone doesn't unzip it and theres my bra strap or something /heh

I found a good pair 'a thigh highs at hot topic they have a little white bow on them too that should work.

Finally found a pair of pumps, they're white but I can spray paint them red wit the shoe dye :'D now I'm ready for animeNEXT ;p


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