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I pledged to myself that I wouldn't stress over cos, so if the outfit wasn't done the week before the con, it just wouldn't get done and that's that.
There seems to be a flaw in this reasoning, because when that *does* happen, I think, "oh look, a week and I'm done! What else can I make?"

That happens far too often than I'd care to admit.


I love Jacobi as the Master, and I love his outfit, so I've been picking up fabrics when I find them, never sure if I'll get a better match. So two weeks prior to Gallifrey I had mostly finished the huge project, and not only had the fabric for this, but had three different fabrics to choose from for the vest. Not only that, but I thought it'd be great if I did Jacobi/Yana Master and made an extra large version for Lucifer to be recently regenerated Simm Master, since I planned on doing that for myself eventually anyway.

Bit of a long story, but I made a vest in the best match... didn't have enough for the second vest, and couldn't get more. Wasted two days with wallowing and wondering if I should proceed in my 2nd best match. Part of the problem was having to make two shirts as well, but after talking with Lucifer and Ellome, Lucifer was able to borrow her fiance's pirate shirt and I could borrow Ellome's Hetalia shirt, so I'd just have the vests.

I may or may not have finished the hem in the car on the way to Gallifrey.


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