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My cosplayu~ dureams has come truuuueee ;u;

Found the coat from Goodwill, after hunting it down for nearly 3-4 months. I need more buttons though. I figured out how to tie a cravat. I'm making boot covers from marine vinyl, because it is literally impossible to find size 11/12 wide knee length black leather boots. I've tried, every-frikking-where. Online and in town D<

And I've figured out how to make a Mariazell with lots of hair gel and hairspray and a ribbon spool (Even though I sometimes wake up with one sticking out) XD

*UPDATE~* Got the boots, and my hair is just naturally becoming Austrian :B BRING ON THE CON!! */shot


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Roderich "Austria" Edelstein (Default)


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