Max Rockatansky

Mad Max



Originally it was supposed to be as an Exact Mad Max outfit as possible, but then too many things became too complicated. So now it's mostly just Mad Max 'Inspired'. Though, it is also kind of a combination of all his outfits from the three movies...


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Series Mad Max
Character Max Rockatansky


cjaytch Awesome. I want a Max Costume.

RoadWarrior87 That is definately one of the cooler Mad Max costumes I've seen, definately the best so far on I like how you integrated little bits from all the films into this one costume. Very commendable. Max is an underrated character and it's nice to see some some appreciation for the series. BTW, where'd you get the jacket from? I ask because I'm going as Max from the first film at Katsucon 16, and sometime down the road I want to make a Road Warrior costume.