Winter Spirit


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This is the second mask of the serie. The mask is made of a mask I got from the store, then I modified it *cut of half of it edited the eye shape).
The decoration includes: feathers, beads, juwels (go bling bling!) fimo faces (symbol for the 4 winds) fun foam and pearls.

It all started with that....and then I decided to make an outfit for it. I used my old moth queen petals ( i didn't like the skirt that much) and sewed them on a semi circle skirt so it would be open at the front.
I bought some silky soft stretch suede and made chaps from it (wit a decorative band on the top and bottom) and a quiver.

The corset was a big pain in the you know what. I made this lovely feather corset, with grey and white feathers. But I realised that it was going to look horrible with the belt from the quiver on top of it because it would give to much friction and the feather would go all fuzzy.
So I bought some marine heavy vinyl and cut the pieces out....but at this time I had to go away for 10 days for my I felt down on my knees in front of my mother and begged if she PLEASE wanted to finish the corset..
and she did...the sweetheart...bought her some flowers.

Now for some reason I didn't know...RBF didn't allow me to make a bow and bracers for the costume. When I got back from my trip I knew why...he made me this wonderfull gorgeous amazing bow+arrows and a welcome home gift. (and another one but with a bit of luck I'm going to show that piece this summer).

I love you all to death! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to walk around in this costume at the EFF with an amazing OOT Link at my side...we were there for only 4/5 hours and were absolutely broke, but hell we got some happy faces, yay!


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hawaiin.gingerX this is beautiful. all your costumes are so lovely!

Lysergide splendidly !

carladawn Wow, fantastic colors! You are so creative. :]

Mohmoh Your costume and all the presented picutres are so gorgeous! Phantastic work!!!!

Lady Tyrona Aw April you're such a sweetheart, thank you love!

April_Croft I Just LOVE this costume and all of the ones you've made. You're such a beauty hun and you really bring each costume to life and give it character. xxx