Sang, the Crimson Eye-Patch

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When I was chosen as a mascot for METROCON, I needed a original costume for the advertisements. Since I was Dark, I wanted to go "original gothic," as in the part of history. I have always been inspired by historical fashion and also the art of Nene Thomas, so I went from there. There is more beading to be done to the costume, but how you see it is how it is. Every bead was individually sewn on, and most of the trim and hem was hand-sewn. EVERYTHING laces closed, including the dress. The lace draping was clipped along the pattern to create the jagged edge. I hope to get new photos of the fully completed costume (I have since added a choker, new gloves, and beading). I may add fangs later, but I am not sure yet.


@Lolita Minako
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Character Sang, the Crimson Eye-Patch


darkbhudda Wow. That's an interesting take on "original gothic." Nicely done.

skinnyAZN You did a wonderful job for the criteria. And looked wonderful at metro!

PapouGirl I was at Metro! I think they were right when they chose you as a mascot. You looked awesome and fit the 'dark side' very well.

Banner-sama This coustume is absolutly beautiful. Awsome. I will be at Metro this year. :)