Eternal Sonata



The costume is made out of cotton.

I drafted a quick pattern for the shawl, handstitched the detailing, and added the frills. I lucked out in finding, imo, the perfect trim for it. I wanted something that was not fuzzy, looked natural, and not frayed. Woo hoo!

The top was draped on the dressform and worked on from there. Each black triangle was measured out and inserted. Ummm... the sleeves have fabric paint for the details. The flower is well, a flower. lol 2 artifical flowers put together into one.

The apron is functional. It makes for a great pocket! :D The details are handstitched on there as well. Ummm... it's attacted to the skirt itself. The skirt also has hadstitching at the bottom. The ruffles were bought trim.

The boomers were actually based off my hakama pattern. lol I was having a dur moment and grabbed the nearest pattern. I'm special. :P

The socks are from sockdreams. The buttons are sewn on. Sock glue keeps them up. (I luv it!) The shoes are covered. I still suck at shoes. :(

Ummm... OH! The wig! I thought I had ordered 613. It seems I ordered another color, but still close. It made for finding extensions, shall we say, interesting. I had to combine 2 colors (since the wig was 2 colors) that were "close enough". They are sewn into the bottom of the wig. I twisted the pigtails, sprayed, blowdryed. The bigger curls took a little more of that... and time.

Ummm... I think that's it. I was just throwing up a quick description since I haven't done one yet. ^^;;


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ToxicFantasyVII amazing Polka!