Sarutobi Asuma


@Kakashi Hatake


Well I'd say it's a most intricate costume and I put a lot of work into it... but it's pretty much my Kakashi cosplay with a few adjustments. ^^; I got a better headband. Black bracelets were a lucky find. Fake cigarettes were bought by a friend and the loin-cloth thing I made myself out of fabric and hot-glue. Actually the first piece of a costume I've made myself. ^^;


@Kakashi Hatake
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Series Naruto
Character Sarutobi Asuma


Chikushodo2 Awwww Asuma-san u died D: .....nice cosplay and nice pics u rly brought the scene when asuma died to life...except it wasnt raining xD......if only someone could bring Asuma to literally xDDD....well anyway I love ur cosplay man! ^^