Rozen Maiden



For Anime STL 08/ACen 08. All made from scratch. Walmart materials. ( It's the only place available ;_; ) Took about 2 months total to make. I really think I did well on this costume. The wig's not totally great but it will suffice. It's better than past wigs. >_>

The actual dress part of the costume is 2 pieces. A white underskirt with hand-sewed white tull underneath to give it that 'puffyiness' if you will. Then, the black parts were sewed together piece, by piece. All of the black material is velvet (rather expensive....).


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Last Updated 11 years ago
Created 13 years ago
Series Rozen Maiden
Character Suigintou


Rame wowowow. youre so pretty and greattt costume !!

Mephosto_Waltz Nah, sorry. I don't sell costumes until I'm positive I'm retiring it. :/

meowmix Is this costume for sale? Will it ever be?