Orochi Shermie

King of Fighters



Shermie has been a costume I've wanted to do for a long time. I decided on Orochi Shermie only because I figured the darker red would be easier to come by than the pink in boots. I didn't have enough fabric to make boot covers anyway. I actually lucked out and found a nice pair of boots that matched pretty close, they were however very expensive XD.

This costume has taken much longer than I wanted because I fell ill for three months. When I take it to Acen it will be fully complete. Since these picture's I adjusted the skirt's waistline(it was a bit loose) and finished up the jacket so it closes with buttons and not Velcro *lol*. I'm going to remake the top before Acen because I feel it's a bit short and the "V" in the front doesn't go down as far as I would have liked.

Other than that it was fun being a sexy character! Not many people took my picture but those who did thought it was awesome especially King of Fighters fans.


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Character Orochi Shermie


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