Something I just wanted to do since last year.
Jan agreed to be my Beetlejuice and the project started.

As a kid I used to watch the series on a Flemish TV broadcast and I loved it!

It was nice to experiment again with make-up a half bold cap etc.

Watch out! There are differences - aside the story of course - between the movie Beetlejuice and the cartoon one! His hair, teeth and eyes (dark, gray ones <=&gt; purple ones)

complete suit + tie: made (extra info T.B.A.)
shoes: borrowed from me
half bold cap: bought but modified (painted 3 times)
teeth: bought white ones and altered them

A special thank you to my mom for creating this suit. I do not make costumes for other people anymore since the BEAST cosplay was already stressful! (user could not try it out often, had to restart a lot of times...) Plus with the house and the works I did not have a lot of time.


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Crusaders Perfect! *__*

AliceWendon Yay cartoon Beetlejuice! Love it!