Final Fantasy X



This is my first real attempt at crafting a costume. I'm trying to be semi accurate, but as you can see, colors differ. I'm using pre made, thrift store found items like the tank top, shorts, and boots. With a few alterations, I think I may be able to pull this off.
This is also my first atempt at styling a wig, so bear with me. I plan on many attempts at that thing!

All in all, I'm excited with this little project of mine.


I'm remaking most of the major parts of this cosplay! I'm no longer scared of a sewing machine! Sewing an accurate tank top, cutting flared shorts and sewing on better ruffles, and bringing the leg band back to life!

Look out!


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Rikku


CrimsonDenizen You're Cute!!! There's not enough FFX Rikku cosplays out there. There's plenty of FFx2, but come on ya gotta kick it O.G. :P

Narnian Awesome Rikku!

Chaotic Melody Was nice seeing you at AX :D! You should let me know next time your coming down for a con! Would be cool if we could get another 10 group going ^^!

Chelseahavoc its looking great so far! and i love the idea od boot-legwarmers <3 i think someday i shall make me a pair

ioniafreak Your Welcome And Thank You ^-^

ioniafreak Thanks! I Might Steal Your Idea XD Cause I Need A Belt -.- Oh And As For The "Leg Thinggy" I Came Up With An Idea For That, Try Attaching It To Your Shorts [= If Its Too Short Add A Bit More Material Thats What I Plan On Doing With Mine ^-^

ioniafreak Awesome Cosplay! ^-^ Im Working On My Rikky Cosplay Right Now .......Slowly XD Is That Belt Made Out Of Ribbon? Cause I Really Like That Idea Cause I Dont Think Im Going to Find A Orange/Yellow Belt Anywere XD

kittykyo_chan I hope it goes well! :D Are you wearing it at a con?