Doll took about a month to make. I'm really happy with the way she came out!

I used a corset pattern but eliminated the back panel because Doll's back is open. Base of the skirt is a hoop skirt made out of muslin, and a petticoat sewn on top of it. The skirt flowers were hand sewn into place to keep the petticoat down. Top skirt is a circle skirt with a scalloped edge. Three skirts o_o Headpiece I made a muslin cap base with elastic around the rim, and hand sewed small flowers for 6 1/2 hours straight T_T Then I added pearls for embellishment, and used Ostrich feathers to exaggerate her headpiece. Striped stocking is made out of a stretch fabric and the garters were made tight to keep the stocking up. Glued the flowers onto real ballet shoes. Ribbon around the waist was hand painted because NOONE IN NEW YORK BELIEVES IN SELLING BLACK AND WHITE STRIPED RIBBON.

This costume was also worn at the Sakura Matsuri Cosplay Fashion Show at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.


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