Tsukasa was my second "big" project...
And the first one i made a "couple" with my sister, that actually was BT ^^

Oh, i love this costume, it's so simple and... clean! (xD)
The wand was a pain to make, but in the end my dad made a great job so far! i'm so proud of it ~^-^~

I hadn't try it with a wig, for the first time i wore it, i dye my hair silver, and it gets PRETTY nice o.o
but after this time, i never ever tought about it... dunno why ^^'
i like the way it looks~


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Last Updated 14 years ago
Created 15 years ago
Series .hack//SIGN
Character Tsukasa
Variant .Hack//Tasogare no Undewa Densetsu


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