Young Walter


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Hellsing - The Dawn was pretty cool! Thats why I do a cosplay as Young Walter. I make Alucard's cofffin because without is this a little boring and I love cosplays with big weapons or things.

But now: Meh... I look pretty shitty! My hair was fail and I have not really the shota or little boy look. The costume is more a fail in my eyes. But the coffin is pretty cool.


@† Wolfwood †
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Series Hellsing
Character Young Walter
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Shullzy what?! Do you see your awards? The fact that I'm yelling in my head "HOW COULD YOU THINK THIS WAS A FAIL?" Just goes to show you this shit was awesome!!!

xXrenesmeexX howed you make the coffin? imma cosplay as him soon! ^^