Abarenbou Princess



Jasmin, aka Princess Heat n' Bond. This costume contains 78 pieces of appliqué, all cut out and heat n' bonded on, with the edges painted with silver fabric paint. The corset has a layer of padding on top to keep the bones from showing, and the skirt trim has craft foam in it to make it nice and stiff.

The shoulder armour is Sole-flex (a dense foam rubber used for making shoe soles), layered and carved and then covered in padding and fabric. I got to flex my seldom-used mascot-covering muscles on this one.

I love this costume but my mobility in it is severely limited; if I walk quickly the skirt hem flips up, the shoulderpads impede my ability to lift my arms much, and the corset is very hot. :P


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Series Abarenbou Princess
Character Jasmin


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