Kingdom Hearts II



I wanted to find a Disney girl to cosplay that would suit me and Vanessa seemed like the best option(though I'm not very good at being evil for pictures it seems). The outer layer of the bodice is made with a navy paisley jacquard and the skirt is made out of a periwinkle satin back shantung. The bodice is three layers thick and I also made a petticoat to go with the skirt. The seashell is from a child's Little Mermaid dress up kit that I painted and restrung(btw, it sings). Now I just need to find some other Little Mermaid cosplayers to take pictures with!


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Vanessa


Saphira112 You make a very good Vanessa! I love your choice of colours and fabrics! :3

Eldanildiel I saw this costume at Dragon*Con! Great job!

~Momo-Chan~ wow! Really awsome!! I can actually picture you singing her evil song XDD "Soon I'll have that little mermaid and ocean will be miiiiiinnnnnne" XDDDD

Javakat343 gorgeous costume and location! Where were you?