Alanna of Trebond

Tamora Pierce - Tortall



I love the novels of Tamora Pierce, especially the ones about Tortall and Alanna. "Song of the Lioness" is one of my all time favorite book.

I liked Alanna always the most, but I wanted to made a dress... It wasn't so easy to solve that problem. In the end I decided to make her "first" dress. The one Eleni Cooper made her "In the Hand of the Goddess" I did like most and I didn't need to bother with a black wig to disguise Alanna, which would be nonsense for cosplaying Alanna, because no one would actually recognize her....

Costs: ~30€


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Series Tamora Pierce - Tortall
Character Alanna of Trebond


kuronekochan -squee- I love you for doing a Tamora Pierce cosplay!

lost_teflon sweet! Tortall rocks!

Darksilverhawk *jumps up and down in excitement* Tamora Pierce cosplay! You're amazing.