Avatar: The Last Airbender



As soon I as started watching Avatar I knew the cosplaying from it was more then likely going happen. I decided on Ty Lee because she is cute, funny, and rather clueless sometimes... but still determined if need be. Plus she is gymnast and I was too at one point in my life. :D

I made this two days before I had to leave for AX and made it in about a day. The light pink parts are made of a stretch material so they just pull on and off. SUPER COMFY. The pedal skirt is separate from the pants and was made from my own pattern. It is made of faux suede and cotton, closes with velco. The collar/chest piece was the most difficult in that it didn't want to lay flat in the back; closes with velcro. Wrist bands made of faux suede too and closes with velcro. Shoes were ones I owned and re-painted. Wig is an Ivy in Brown from Cosworx pulled back in a braid.


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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character TyLee


deshwitat this is seriously the BEST TyLee cosplay I've seen yet

shotzgoboom I'm so glad I got to meet you! I saw your Ty Lee pictures on DA quite a while back, and I still think that you're the best Ty Lee I've seen! And now that I've read your description of the costume, I can't believe you made it in just a day! That's so amazing! I hope I'll be able to see this costume in real life sometime :)

Cartwight I love your wig!

DisneyOtaku11 I love your cosplay! What kind of fabric did you use? I'm planning on dressing up as Ty Lee at Animenext this June, and I'm trying to make it NOT look like shit, seeing as how my past cosplays were pretty craptastic. XP I tend to have difficulty getting the right kind of fabric, so I figured I should ask someone who has already made this cosplay about it.

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stabitha Best Ty Lee I've seen out there. Wig looks excellent too. Well done.