Red XIII (Swimsuit)

Final Fantasy VII



I had worn my swimsuit version of Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII to our cosplay beach gatherings the past few years, and this year I decided it was time for something different. I've always wanted to cosplay Red XIII, but I don't have any current plans to attempt a mascot-style costume, so this was the next best thing. Also, a lot of our group members had made Final Fantasy VII swimsuits, and I wanted to add to the cast.

I began with a base orange bikini, then used waterproof orange fabric to make the tail and ears, which are stuffed with batting. The tail's flame is made out of fabric petals, and the ears have leftover white fluff trim added to the inside to look like fur. I shaped two turkey feathers, painted the tips black and attached them to the ears, along with a few gold hoop earrings. I had a brown wig knocking around in my closet, so I styled that and added some beads to the braids. The bracelets I made from old plastic ribbon spools which I then painted gold and black. The hardest part, however, was painting on Red's tattoos. . . especially using my left hand to do the one on my right arm - but I thought they came out pretty decently.


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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Red XIII (Swimsuit)


Rinoa_Garnet If Red XIII were human... we already know how it may look like