Touya Rima

Vampire Knight



My Touya has has a lot of stages since it first premiered. It was kinda a closet cosplay and I wasn't planning on furthering it but then the reaction was so good I decided to make the uniform. Then the hair evolved.

First it was all natural hair. The closet cosplay- the first round of Touya pictures which are no longer available I also used my real hair.

On further pleasant reactions to this costume I liked the look of natural pigtails, but my bangs were not thick enough so I ordered some bang extensions that almost looked completely natural with my head.

Anyway- That's this costume....


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Series Vampire Knight
Character Touya Rima


~Ayane~ I'm with Nora! The BEST! ^.0

CourtoonXIII Thank you guys so much!! That means a lot!

Nora. The best Rima

Mephosto_Waltz You actually make a really good Rima :]

djtokimi Wow super cute