MaryRyanBogard as Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin

Harry Potter Series

Cosplayer: MaryRyanBogard
My first "Harry Potter" costume that isn't just the same old Gryffindor uniform with a different wig and accessories. This was also my first experience with spirit gum (the mustache). The costume is based on my re-creation of Remus in "Rock Band", which in turn is heavily (but not 100%) based on how he looked in the movies. There's also another added twist: he's pregnant with Sirius's child. Yes, I like that pairing, and, hey, they're wizards.

The briefcase (which prior to this costume's debut I had loaned to my community college's theater department for a play) came from eBay and was described as having "several scuffs"- perfect! The suit and shoes came from a thrift store, though the pants didn't come with the patches. And no, I'm not actually pregnant, the belly is one of those strap-on pillows that maternity stores generally keep in their fitting rooms (another lucky eBay find). I later found another such pillow on eBay, one that's rounder and firmer- that's the one you see in more recent pics.