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My cosplay partner, Kurzeshaar, and I share the same love of RahXephon. Absolutely fabulous show if you haven't seen it. Many consider it to be an homage and more understandable version of Evangelion, but it is amazing in it's own right and I enjoy it quite a bit more. While speaking of things RahXephon, she brought up wanting to make Mishima's TERRA uniform, and I offered to make Mishima's yellow dress to match.

Another quite convenient cosplay for me, the outfit is very simple: yellow mock-turtleneck dress with a gold neck bow and orange sandals. I purchased a pale banana Peachskin solid and a gold Silkessence fabric for the dress, lined in a nude knit lining sheath for better coverage. The sandals were purchased at Wal-Mart, and I painted the leather a nice bright orange. I decided to leave the soles brown, because it would have been a little too much orange, and it looks a bit more realistic with the original soles. I already had the wig, and that's pretty much all there is for the costume!

I'm really glad I offered to make this cosplay - I truly love the show and I wish it would get more attention.


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