Sora Takenouchi

Digimon Adventure



Well, my friends got together this digimon group for MangaNEXT so I decided to join in. I picked Sora since we were doing ( mostly ) season one and her outfit was simple. Plus.. our leader was already Mimi. XD

So I threw this together last minute. Literally, I made almost the entire thing the night before the con. The hat is made form a soft fleece fabric and is really nice and comfy to wear. We had fun with it..

My hair is the wrong color, but in my defense I went looking everywhere for a wig. XD; Alteast my hair has a light reddish tone.

The shirt was fun. I made one.. and made it way too small so I made a second with the scraps. It's still too tiny. I need help to get out of it.... I fail, I know. It's a nice jersey knit, though.

Everything else was normal. Regular pair of jeans, shoes, etc. The gloves I found in my mom's room. I did, however, paint some shoes like hers.. but they didn't dry in time and I didn't care for them so I wore normal shoes.

Over all, I hope it's not bad for a night before the con cosplay.


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