Duo Maxwell

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

The version of this outfit that the photos are currently taken of is lacking a few things. I plan on using the priest shirt for the final version, despite the slight error with the collar (which isn't accurate to Duo's). I'll likely roll the sleeves up over each other, since I prefer a slightly more..."logistical" approach to cosplay, and that's how I kind of interpret Duo's shirts as being.

The wig, gun, glasses, and hat will likely be used for the final version as well.

The pants are still debatable--I'm not 100% satisfied with the lack of extreme poof on the jodhpurs

The jacket was bought off of someone who had commissioned it from DizzyLizzy. The jodhpurs and priest shirt both came from eBay. Glasses and gun(s) are from local costume shop. Watch is a CALCULATOR WATCH!!!!! which is inaccurate but whatever. Hat is army surplus. Wig was bought second hand with the jacket.

The "second variant" of the Preventer outfit is a jacket commissioned from SUSO Fashions and was worn to Ohayocon 2009.

Duo was also worn to Youmacon 2008.
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Series Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Character Duo Maxwell

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