Magic Knight Rayearth


I made Ferio's costume for Tracon IV, in 2009. Ferio was my first anime crush so I just had to do him.
So, this costume's debut was in 2009 but I also wear this costume this year for Tracon V. I had Fuu with me and we got adorable photos! *heart* Thank you Gokuran!
I will do Ferio again next year. But I think I need to improve this it a little.
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Series Magic Knight Rayearth
Character Ferio

AnimeFanEmiko As I've said before on DA, I adore your Ferio cosplay. <3 Wonderful work, Ninnu-chan! =D

Foos Wow, amazing costume! You're the best Ferio I've ever seen

AsakuraYoh Thanks for the coment, darling!!! you're so cute and kind =33... i love your wing too, is wonderfull!!! you're a cute Ferio!!! =DDD Kisssu