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This costume was borrowed from my boyfriend. We cosplayed as Togainu no Chi characters together at Abunai 2008. But for F.A.C.T.S. i decided to wear his costume.

About Rin:
A young blond, blue-eyed boy participating in Igura. 154cm tall. Though he is sometimes mistaken for a girl because of his small body, he is quite strong and able to get by in Igura. He helps Akira around the town and cheers up Akira when he's down. There is a rumor that he is somehow related to Shiki. He is a former [email protected] participant (from the GHOST area) who fights with two small daggers and also enjoys taking pictures. Likes the yakiniku flavored Solids.


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Series Togainu No Chi
Character Rin


Tay Heavengreen I liked it! Congrats for the crossplay too! ♥