Tear Grants

Tales of the Abyss

The costume hasn't finished yet (。≧Д≦。) i'm still missing some parts like elbow's part, my staff and perfect wig for Tear! I'm still confuse about Tear's wig. Is that pale brown or blond? I decided to wear blond because i didn't find pale brown (≧≦)

I did the costume for 2-3 weeks, and i need to train to use the stilleto f(^_^;)

In January, my team will show off with full party of ToA ohohoho now i'm very excited (*≧▽≦) we will cosplay as 14 main character of ToA. Oh.. I can't wait any longer..
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Series Tales of the Abyss
Character Tear Grants

Narnian Well done! You make a lovely Tear!

Linkx soo much better!!!! >.>

BalthierFlare Amazing job! You make a great Tear. ^^