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Oh that infamous costume.

Where I live, it snows quite often during Halloween. Or it rains and it is even worse. I decided that year that I wanted something WARM and extremely LOOSE to put whatever I wanted under it. And I achieved, much to the dismay of so many people on the net.

The mask was a plus that I wanted to try, and it kinda worked (spirit gum and cold doesn't mix well).

So for me, staying up outside for nine hours straight (setting up stuff, giving candies, and then tearing everything down) it was a good costume. You can like it, you can hate it, no need to throw up please.

PS: It was a G3 version of Rainbow Dash. Way before the G4 came in. So no wings!

To everyone who is respectful, Thanks for reading! :)
And the others... What now haters?


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