Dir En Grey

My brother was kind enough to go along with me on Versailles so I let him decided on what J-rock costume he would like to do. Dir en grey's Yokan outfits it was ^^

I decided Kyo would be the best match...we are just about the same height. The costume was pretty simple but the wig was the hard work. That's two wigs and some berry sharpies. I had a hard time getting the sharpies to run somewhat clear. I can't touch my wig with my gloves...they will end up a light shade of pink *lol*. I also went frame by frame to see if I could make out what belt buckle Kyo was wearing. It's a lady on the moon and I actually managed to find one. It's not all pretty chrome like his but it works just fine for me ^^

All I have left to do is the belt carriers on the jacket and I'm going to try and give myself a man chest *lol*. I'm sure it will be a whole lot of creepy!
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Series Dir En Grey
Character Kyo
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