Silk Spectre II




I do love the graphic novel, but I think the costume designs for the movie were rightfully revamped and look more awesome. As Adam Hughes himself said, costumes should be designed to be cosplay friendly!

It's finally finished! Though you can't really see them, I do have arm garters. The whole costume is made out of spandex (i wanted to be comfy!), and the belt is just painted craft foam.

Also, I's showin' le thighs ;)


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Series Watchmen
Character Silk Spectre II


ManchesterCA Great job on your silk spectre!! :D Need more hand made cosplays!

Pet Frey hey great costume ^^

NoTsOsErIoUs Good work. Don't worry, your not alone I don't like my thighs either!

Edalyne Love the costume! I debated about doing a silk spectre ii cosplay but had the same thigh issue. I love how you got around it and made it look great. :D

Jersey Hooray! Nice work! :) I too am nervous about showing my inner thighs. Ugh. Who wants to show off that particular body part? Nice costume, you look great!