Jessica Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit



About a year thinking how i would do Jessica's hair accuracy AND yet lookin natural... i came up with This WIG today.
I made the wig myself, and the rest of costume was made by my staff ate

Mixed Copper and Red japanese fibers w/ a FULL skin topping

-jessica has 2 different dresses in this movie:
one PINK for the singing show and this red one she wears in the rest of the movie


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Created 11 years ago
Series Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Character Jessica Rabbit
Variant Red Dress Who Frammed Roger Rabbit?


H-Sama hey choushu i did the wig myself. used to have a wig shop here in Brazil. Wanna buy it?

choushu clan hey hey where did you purchase this wig? I'd like to do my own cosplay of her and this is perfect :)

jumbolaya did you make this wig?? and where did you get the dress? you look great!

ilikeike You look like you jumped right out of the tv screen! I'm really loving the wig by the way.

H-Sama i still gotta took more pictures of this cos. I loved how it turned out