Rally(Larry) Vincent

Gunsmith Cats



We wanted to do these costumes on a sort of whim a few months before Anime Central. Dali-Lamb and I have a special love for Gunsmith Cats and since they were relatively quick costumes, we tacked them on as "Sunday cosplays." We never imagined we'd have an opportunity to do a really fun photoshoot in them with Kuragiman who took some hella nice photos of them! We also never imagined that Kenichi Sonoda, the creator, would be at ACen and that I would get my leather jacket signed!! :D

These costumes are almost "found" costumes, the only thing that we actually made were the dress for Rally and the skirt for Minnie May. Everything else we had around the house (excluding the wigs)--even the brown leather holster.

I did buy the leather racing jacket off of ebay that fits me like a glove. I did do the painting myself (with some touch-up help from Dali-Lamb). I tell you, everything was against me finishing that coat up!! my stencils peeled and made be to double work then I spilled white leather paint all over my sister's carpet at her apartment. We were able to clean it up (thank goodnees for white paint + white carpet!!) but I felt so horrible about it, I didn't want to finish the project. Dali-Lamb to the rescue though!! She finished this up Saturday night of the convention, fixing my mistakes--even though we were in the middle of a huge room party. Life is funny, right?


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Series Gunsmith Cats
Character Rally(Larry) Vincent
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