Hyuuga Neji




Photos by Jose.

Estimated cost: about 64 euros.

Making of process:

Love Neji in Shippudden, and not only because of the outfit. He is more mature and funny. I feel relieved that now he's not more a crying boy and has enough strenght to surpass his destiny.

I modified the trousers that were from knit-cotton and did the shirt with "popelin", a type of fabric to make shirts (sorry I don't know the name in English), both in white. I bought also black "popelin" and made the belt-skirt and attatched at back with velcro. I used my Itachi flip-flops and a bag that I had and was similar to Neji's, for an amazing coincidence. I did the bandana with the same method of the Itachi one, and I bought a pair of white contact lenses. It was a bit rare to wear fantasy contacts. Sometimes, they blurred my vision and I couldn't see a thing xD. But it was funny to make and wear.

I also styled my hair to look like Neji's, but rain ruined it a bit through the night. I will use the wig for Hikaru from now on.

Now I have a wig I will use the next time I wear the costume. I re-did the bandana with a milk pack (they are silver inside already), black nails paint and thumbtack. I covered my bag with the fabric that was left over the Gaara's shirt, I put "grogre" ribbons on the two handles and I changed the cord and the thing to close the bag with it from blue to brown.


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Series Naruto
Character Hyuuga Neji
Variant Shippuuden


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