Mega Man Battle Network



4 moths working on it

150 dlls aprox


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Series Mega Man Battle Network
Character Tomahawkman.exe


7greed Looks really smooth and detailed Nice works

Ribbo Good costumes always look way heavier than they actually are! Good stuff man! :)

Otaku5 nice!!

Ryouhakai That is amazing craftmanship. D:

Mooby badass


EgonBach That sounds need. If you could spare me a few moments of your time, I too plan to make a costume along the lines like that. But I have a problem you see, how do i plan it out on paper? Looking at your picture gallery, you have a thorough blueprint of with measurements and all; all I have are pictures and building material. Do you know where I can start? Making sketches, measuring, how did you do it?

saij I used the material used for couches xD

EgonBach I see that you used foam to make your costume. What did you do to make the Armour exactly?