Dragon Half



My boyfriend had shown me Dragon Half and I instantly fell in love with Mink. She is cute, spunky, and strong just the type of character I love! Since they made only two episodes I went and found the manga and read that too and just feel in love with her more.

I was very hesitant to do this costume at first because of the amount of skin showing. Then I remembered that I cosplay because I love the series and character and because I want to do it and for no other reason. To make sure I felt comfortable while wearing it I started working out and stuff.

The costume itself wasn't too hard to make. The wings a tail were the harder parts to figure out to make, but the challenge was... interesting. I have to say when you wear a skimpy costume it makes it harder to figure out attach stuff! lol All the armor pieces are made of foam, but I need to re-make the leg armor once again. Third times the charm yes? The bottoms, top and arm warmers are made out of lycra and I use a swim suit as the pattern for both parts. The front medallion was made of sculpty and I casted the gem on top. The horns are made out of wood and foam and then attached to the wig. The wig is a Punky XL from Cosworx style by myself.


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Series Dragon Half
Character Mink


Angeal very nice costume and very nice pics

::Aerin:: You're adorable! ^-^

Sashi This is the best Mink cosplay I've seen!!!Your costume is so neat and crisp ^_^ Will you give me a few pointers(no pun intended) for when I get around to doing mine???

godhi You could put someone's eye out with those things! Seriously, great cosplay!

Ginny Yay Mink! *hearts*