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The main characteristic of this costume is that it’s not a single costume in a defined design. The composition and the appearance are variable. I have two tunics, three pants and two pairs of boots. So I can combine the individual parts how I’d like to and vary the style in this way.

Outer and inner tunic:
The design of the jedi tunics is inspired by Japanese kimonos. They are like kimonos wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right side. The obi is made of the same fabric than the outer tunic. It serves as underlay for the belt and fixes the tunic in waist height. But I’ve additionally added press buttons to fix the front layers of the tunics. The tabards can be made of the same fabric than the outer tunic, a contrasting fabric or leather.
I have two tunics: a brown and a chocolade-brown one. The more formal one is the brown tunic. The outer tunic, the tabards and the obi are made of some kind of raw silk. The cut of this tunic is more authentic. It’s a better replica of the screen used jedi tunics than the other one. The tunic is completely lined and has a tuck in the upper part of the shoulder seam. The tuck is not running around the whole shoulder seam, it’s only on top of the shoulder. This was quite difficult to construct. The inner tunic is made of beige cotton batiste. It differs just a little from the cut of the outer tunic. In contrast to the outer tunic, it has narrow sleeves and the tucks at the shoulder are missing.
I call the chocolade-brown outfit the “Jedi battle gear”. It’s because the look is used and the cut is simpler than the cut of the other one. The tucks at the shoulder are missing and it’s not lined. The tunic and the obi are made of a blended fabric. The tabards are made of ultrasuede which looks old and shabby. I don’t wear an inner tunic under this tunica.

Belt and belt pounches:
The belt and the three belt pounches (a big and two small ones) are costum-made from a tailor. It’s all made of brown leather. It’s always fun to see the surprise in people’s faces when I tell them that the buckle of the belt is originally a decorative buckle for shoes.

I wear riding pants with the costume. I have pants in black, brown and cream.

The robe is made of a dun fabric. I’m not quite sure but I think it’s either a heavy flannel or velveton. The robe is unlined, has a wide hood, wide sleeves and fastens at the neck with hook and eye.

I bought brown leather boots at a discounter. They have a double counterlaid fold at the outside and are decorated with two straps of leather which close with buckles.
Alternatively, I wear black chaps and black suede shoes with the jedi costume.

The saber is made from a dear friend of mine. It’s made of aluminium and leather. It has a light source. I can attach a blade and vary the color of the blade by inserting colored lenses between the light source and the blade. The design is simply elegant and it suits my taste perfectly. I was so surprised and impressed by the creativity and the mechanical skills of my friend. Thanks a million for the saber!


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Gekko Kamen I really like this costume, the most beautiful Jedi Master i even seen...¡¡¡ Can I be your padawan........???